Imaging Geometry


Texture map-based traditional painting systems are often limited by the model's parameterization from 3D model space to 2D texture space, since finding such a parameterization can be very difficult in practice (sometimes nearly impossible) for models with complex topology or detailed structure distribution. We present a novel data representation, imaging geometry, for 3D appearance modeling and painting. By generating 3D colored points for each triangle contained in a polyhedral surface model, the imaging geometry can support a great variety of painting operations similar to that of the conventional 2D image editor. The key ingredient of our approach is a novel, adaptive data representation for geometry, topology and color of an arbitrary surface, which allows users to treat each triangle as an image. In our experiments, we demonstrate how easily the imaging geometry is applicable to 3D painting for any arbitrary surfaces that includes a model consisting of only a single triangle, multi-part geometry, a non-orientable model, a non-manifold model, an open or a closed model.

Key Words

3D Painting    Texturing    Point geometry

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Korea-China Joint Conference on Geometric and Visual Computing, Aug 24-26, 2005.

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