TSP Pen Art using a Mobile Manipulator Robot

Eunjung Lim, Jiyoon Park, Daeun Song and Young J. Kim

extended abstract, KCGS Korea Computer Graphics Society, 2021

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KCGS 2021, Got the Best Undergrad Paper Award


We present a robotic pen-drawing system that is capable of replicating images on a large-scale surface using TSP art. We use the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) to convert arbitrary input raster images into robot drawable vector images. Our robotic system relies on an industrial seven-degree-of-freedom (7DoF) manipulator that is placed on top of a holonomic mobile base robot. Our system uses the mobile base to draw the converted vector image on large surfaces. We demonstrate that our system can generate vector images for robotic drawing using weighted Voronoi Stippling and TSP Art to create pen art with a high replication rate on large surfaces.

System Overview

Drawing Results

Pen Drawing Results

Input image
Input image
Input image

Drawing Statistics

Heart Character Flower
Canvas Size (m)
0.40 x 0.35 0.60 x 0.40 0.85 x 0.30
# of Points used for Stippling
34,849 31,151 95,155
TSP time
6 min 36 min 97 min
Drawing Time
120 min 110 min 585 min


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